Perry gets to grips with Ashfield

TOM Perry has revealed he wants rain every week in Glasgow – so that he can keep racking up big scores on a super grippy track.

The 24-year-old had his best meeting in Tigers colours last night at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium as they took a a 52-41 win over Redcar.

Perry, who scored paid 12, put his good form down to having plenty of dirt on the surface.

And he said an earlier downpour had helped to create the ideal conditions for his style of all-action racing.

The Tigers reserve said: “The track was packed down but it was because of the rain that it was so grippy.

“I’d prefer it to chuck it down like that every week. It produced natural dirt instead of them having to water it all day.

“I think they know that we all like the dirt, so if they keep setting it up like that, it’ll be a bit of a fortress – people will be scared of coming to the place.

“Everything clicked last night and it worked well for me. Even when I wasn’t making every single start, I was still making passes.”

Perry also contributed five (paid six) in Glasgow’s draw at Edinburgh on Friday night – but says his initial thoughts were that he had lost his side a victory at Armadale.

He said: “When I went to Edinburgh I couldn’t remember what the track was like – so I didn’t know what to expect.

“It went quite well but I didn’t pick up as many points as I wanted, because I threw away a couple in my last race.

“I was in third and me and Dan Bewley were on a 4-2, and when I think back now I should’ve just sat back for the third – and that would’ve won us the meeting. But you don’t really think about that when you’ve got 60 seconds and four laps.

“I was just going for it and I went for a big one around Mark Riss going into the third and fourth turn. I clipped the fence going in and just managed to stay on, and then I got stuck behind Max Clegg and couldn’t do anything to get past him.

“It was annoying because that’s what I was thinking about on the way home, whereas everyone else was quite happy with the two points.

“But I was thinking I had thrown away the meeting when I could’ve just sat there for third.”

But Perry – who also rides for Cradley in the National League – believes the form the Tigers are showing means they’ll be right in the mix come the end of the season.

And he has backed fellow reserve Jack Smith to keep improving after he scored four vital points over the two meetings.

“Our top three are flying,” said Perry. “I’m not saying we can just leave it to them, but we know we can go to a meeting and they’re all going to be scoring big.

“As long as me, Dan, Nike Lunna and Jack are picking up those other points, we’re going to win or pick up a point.

“When we were at Edinburgh, I don’t think Jack scored that many, but every point was vital – it wasn’t like he was finishing last every race because he beat Josh Pickering round his home track.

“Last night they were valuable points he got again, because what he didn’t score, they would gain – so he’s definitely getting up to speed a lot more now.

“He looked a lot more on the pace and quicker yesterday. He does let his head go down, like anyone would if they’re not scoring points, but I think you’ll see he’ll definitely improve and progress throughout the year – because I saw the progression in him last year.

“He was doing two, three or four seconds quicker in terms of race times at the end of the season compared to the start, and he’ll get better.”

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