Tigers’ feat! Win seals play-off place

CAMI Brown admitted he was “elated” and “over the moon” as Glasgow booked their play-off place with a remarkable four-point win at Ipswich tonight.

The Tigers – whose top-four hopes were hanging by a thread just a few weeks ago – stunned the Witches with a 49-41 victory to go second, and even open up the possibility that they might finish top of the Championship.

There were huge moments throughout the match – but 5-1s in heats 11 and 14 were instrumental – with every rider bar guest Broc Nicol paid for at least one win.

Brown said: “We had five challenges in recent weeks and we knew if we won the first four we’d probably make the play-offs.

“In doing that, we knocked Edinburgh out, which is quite sweet for a Glasgow manager and fan.

“More importantly, we’re happy to be in the play-offs. We’re one of four teams and any of those can win it.

“We don’t fear anyone. Edinburgh had a big home-track advantage and they may not be in it now; Lakeside have a big home advantage but they’re changing tracks after tomorrow.

“We’re as good as anyone. I said that when we got a bit of criticism after the first few matches that they hand the prizes out in September and October.

“We’re still in with a chance of the big prize and that’s all I wanted at the start of the season – to be in the play-offs.

“We’ve done it and I’m so proud of the boys, they rode their socks off tonight. I thought James Sarjeant was exceptional, Craig Cook and Bomber (Chris Harris) were great as usual, Paul Starke was gutsy and gritty, Claus Vissing didn’t have his best meeting but he fought for the points he got, and Jack Thomas came up with a fantastic ride in heat 14. It was Broc’s first time at the track so we couldn’t ask for much more from him.

“We’re absolutely elated and over the moon. Even though tonight was gutsy, I still think the performance against Edinburgh was our best of the season – the Edinburgh management said to me on the way out on Tuesday that we’d win at Ipswich because we’re the form team now.

“There’s method in that thinking – we have got a bit of form now and I’m just delighted and proud of the boys.”

Brown takes his side to Lakeside tomorrow without any pressure, but the result could be important in deciding who they face in the play-off semi-final – with top place getting first pick.

“We’re just going to go and give it our best shot and see what happens,” he said.

“There’s an outside chance if we get three or four points we could finish top and get the pick. That’s how crazy it is – and it shows you how tight the league is.”

The Tigers boss also praised the Tigers fans for their backing – and wants them to keep it up as they enter their most important meetings yet.

He said: “I’d like to thank the fans for their tremendous support this season. Now we’re in the play-offs we need them to back us in big numbers in the semi-final – get to Ashfield and give the boys a cheer.

“The fans have been superb all season and now we really need them. The boys have done it for them, now the boys need them to support the in the semi-final and, who knows, maybe even the final.”

IPSWICH 41: Richard Lawson (guest) 12+1, Fernando Garcia 9, Cameron Heeps 6+1, Nico Covatti 6, Drew Kemp 5+2, Mason Campton 2+1, Mark Riss 1.
GLASGOW 49: Craig Cook 13, Chris Harris 11+1, Paul Starke 9, James Sarjeant 7+2, Jack Thomas 4+2, Claus Vissing 4+1, Broc Nicol (guest) 1.