Perry: 16 Would be Sweet

TOM Perry wants to turn 16 again – by repeating past scoring heroics for the Glasgow Tigers.

The 24-year-old lines up twice in two nights for the Ashfield side as they host Newcastle then visit Scunthorpe in the SGB Championship this weekend.

Perry scored six, paid eight, on his Glasgow debut on Saturday as the Scorpions were defeated 53-37.

And he’s revealed how the last time he faced Scunthorpe on their own patch, he racked up a huge points haul.

He said: “I enjoy riding at Scunthorpe.

“I signed for them a couple of years ago and couldn’t score a point. Then I went back the year after with Peterborough and scored paid 16 from six rides.

“I’d take another one of those days, for sure.”

Newcastle are only the second side to visit the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium this season, on Tigers’ new Saturday racenight.

And while Perry is confident of another win, he knows they could pack a punch through Team GB prodigy Robert Lambert and the classy Steve Worrall, twin of Glasgow’s Richie.

Perry said: “My debut on Saturday was good. I was a bit annoyed with my first one because I wanted to win heat two.

“I went out in my second against Lewis Kerr and Michael Palm Toft – neither of them are slouches and I was all over the back of Lewis when my chain came off.

“If I have a bad right it either picks me up for the night or I have a stinker, there’s no in between, so it seemed to set me up for the rest of the night.

“I should’ve had a few more points but I’ll take a paid eight for my debut, definitely.

“It was really good to be at Glasgow – the place was bouncing. All the fans were loving it. It was a good atmosphere in the pits as well. Sometimes you join teams and some riders just keep themselves to themselves, but we all talk, we all get on, so there were no problems.

“Newcastle are a little weaker down at reserve but their top five are big riders. That’s going to be a tough meeting. But the way the boys were riding at the weekend, it’s going to take a lot for anybody to beat us at our home track.”

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