Starke wants to spark silverware spree

PAUL Starke stood in the way of Glasgow’s bid for silverware last season.

Now he’s desperate to make sure the club’s trophyless run doesn’t go on after signing up as a Tiger for the 2018 season.

The 27-year-old is the club’s fifth rider for the new campaign – and will ride north of the border for the first time having spent virtually all of his career in southern England.

Despite planning to fly to Scotland for matches from his home near Hereford, Starke insists he can’t wait for the new challenge – and bagging some “major” trophies is his sole target.

Starke was a member of the Peterborough side that knocked Glasgow out the Championship play-offs last term – and overturned the Tigers on their own patch in a September league match.

“Glasgow over the last few years have come of age and they had a fantastic season last year, but they’re making some changes for next year, and I’m fortunate enough to be joining,” he said.

“It’s a new club for me but they’re used to being a successful club. I’m hoping I can go there and really bring some major honours to the club at the end of the year.

“As a rider you see what’s going on around you – and Glasgow have made big improvements and changes – they want to win.

“They put money in the right areas and are trying to improve speedway and promote it, and as a rider I want to be a part of that.

“They were unlucky last season, missing out on a few things, and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen next year.”

Starke, a former Poole, Somerset and Isle of Wight rider, plans to fly to home matches from Bristol – but will buy in more machinery to let him make the weekly journey by air.

He revealed: “Although it’s a very long distance, it’s a big opportunity and I think it’s the right move for me to make.

“I’m going to get two bikes prepared – two brand new bikes – because I’m pushing really hard this winter. I’m going to leave the bikes up in Glasgow so that I can jump on a plane.

“I’ve got a mechanic who’s living over the road from me and he can prepare my equipment down here, and hopefully I can get someone to look after my stuff in Scotland too.”

Starke says he’s interested in securing new sponsors north of the border and has asked anyone who wishes to back him in the new campaign to get in touch with him or the club.