Lawson Seeks Easter Redemption

RICHARD Lawson is bidding to resurrect his season on Easter Weekend – after a “shocking” showing in last two outings.

The Glasgow star insisted he was “absolutely terrible” on Saturday and Sunday despite helping his side to four SGB Championship points.

Lawson bagged a total of 14 points against Newcastle and Scunthorpe but blamed himself for letting a lead against the Scorpions turn into a narrow defeat.

Now he’s revving up for a big double-header against Berwick as the Tigers bid to end the holiday period at the league summit.

He said: “I’m not happy with my scores from the weekend – they were shocking.

“To be fair it was only two or three races that went badly and spoiled it all. But I don’t want to be repeating that so I’ll look to rectify that immediately and get two good meetings under my belt this weekend.

“There were bad judgement calls and bad first corners – things like that. I can’t blame anyone, it’s totally on me. I know where I went wrong and I want to put that straight and get some big points this weekend to make up for it.

“I really like Berwick – I normally score pretty well round there – so I’m excited for that.

“Edinburgh won there last week so we need to look at that and repeat it. If they can do it, we need to do it better.

“If we don’t win there it’s not good – we need to be getting those points on the road. I feel like we threw it away a bit at Scunthorpe, myself to blame there, so I expect a win on Saturday and again on Sunday.”

The Cumbrian, 31, will face his old Lakeside pal Lewis Bridger – who’s now Berwick’s No 1.

The former Team GB international – who’s famed for his spectacular hanging-off-the-bike style – will be a treat for fans at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium, says Lawson.

“He’s quite the character. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I get on well with him,” he said.

“But he’s really exciting and you know you’ve got a race on your hands. Whether he makes a start or not, he doesn’t give up, so he’s good for the fans to watch and good to race with.”

Boss Stewart Dickson will switch Lawson to No 3 for the fixtures, with Richie Worrall moving to No 5. Aaron Summers still tops the averages and so stays at No 1.

Glasgow are at Berwick tomorrow at 7pm with a 3pm start at Ashfield on Sunday.

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