Dickson’s eyes still on the prize

GLASGOW chief Stewart Dickson insists the KO Cup quarter final with Newcastle is still in the balance – despite taking a narrow lead to the North East tonight.

The Tigers team manager saw his side lose eight points in the final two heats of the first leg on Friday to end the meeting 46-44 winners.

But with Dan Bewley, Jack Smith and Richard Lawson all returning to the team following their absence, Dickson hopes they can keep things tight and continue their push to retain the trophy.

He said: “Losing two 5-1s in the last two heats was a blow – there’s no getting away from that.

“But I still think it’s in the balance because we’ve got most of our team back and we’ll still be going for it, that’s for sure.

“We have to get in among their big two of Robert Lambert and Steve Worrall. We can take points off the rest of their team, but our big points need to take points off their big boys.

“I feel we can match them everywhere else but heats 13 and 15 could be our downfall if we’re not careful.

“I think we have strength at reserve, though, and hope Jack Smith and Dan Bewley can bring the form they’ve been showing for Belle Vue. I also hope Richard Lawson can bring his Premiership form to Brough Park.

“We intend to go down there and win the tie, and give ourselves a chance in the semi-final.”