D-DAY DERBY: Sarjeant bids to pull rank on rivals

JAMES Sarjeant remembers the incredible atmosphere of the last big Scottish derby.

But he also remembers the result – and the Glasgow star is desperate to right the wrongs of that night in 2015 by putting Edinburgh out of this season’s title race.

Sarjeant was a Tigers rider when they met the Monarchs in two finals three years ago, but were beaten both times by their biggest rivals, including to the league title.

That was the last time a clash between the two sides meant as much as tomorrow’s meeting – as both sides chase a top-four place in the SGB Championship, with only one likely to make it.

A win by seven points or more in what’s been dubbed the D-Day Derby would prevent the Monarchs taking anything from the match, and set up a tense finish for Glasgow in their two remaining away matches later in the week.

Sarjeant said: “I can remember when we were in the play-offs against Edinburgh three seasons ago – that was one of the biggest nights in speedway.

“I can remember being out on parade for those matches, everything went dark and we had a spotlight on us, it was amazing.

“We want a few more of those types of matches this year.

“I always look forward to these Scottish derbies – everyone seems that little bit more up for it.

“It’s at our track and we need to show them who’s boss. If we’re to be making play-offs we need to be winning matches like Tuesday.

“I know Edinburgh are going well at the moment but now we’re at our track we need to step up.”

Glasgow have called in Connor Mountain to guest at reserve in place of injury victim Nathan Greaves.

The Monarchs will come with a changed side too, after Swedes Joel Andersson and Victor Palovaara crashed out of their meeting against Lakeside on Friday night with foot and hand injuries respectively.

Andersson has already said he won’t be fit to race, though it’s unclear whether or not Palovaara will take part.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm. For tickets click here.